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Welcome to High on a hill

Leading Cannabis Dispensary 

Welcome to High on a hill. We have grown our company from humble and simple beginnings, with hard work and dedication we continue to bring you the best. Our ultimate goal of care and focus brings the best products and service for our customers.



High on a hill brings its customers the highest quality of the following products and more!!!

- Premium flower.     - Pre rolls.       - Kief.       -Hash.                 - Moon rockets.        -Honey oil.    -Weed oil.     - Diamonds.    - Live wax/resin.    - Shatter.    - Vapes.    - Edibles.                 - Cbd oils, edibles, vapes, for pets.                                           - Glassware, Accessories, etc.                                                    .


Where you can find us 

We are located at 138 Seneca road, Hagersville, ON, N0A 1H0


How and when to contact us

Phone: 519-445-0510

                       Hours: Monday-Saturday: 11-8 Sunday: 11-3

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